Services for people with developmental disabilities.
Hattie's Creative Arts art by artists with disabilities
The philosophy behind Hattie's Creative Arts is artists assisting artists with developmental disabilities.

Hattie's Creative Arts Philosophy

Every person who comes to Hattie Larlham has the right to express themselves. Hattie's Creative Arts ensures these opportunities are offered to our artists. Hattie's Creative Arts follows four core principles:

  • Freedom of Choice
  • Artists Assisting Another Artist
  • Neutrality
  • No Preconceptions
The philosophy of the Hattie's Creative Arts program

Each day in the studio, Hattie's Creative Arts ensures that all four of these principles are honored for each artist. They are artists, and are treated as artists—their choices, ideas, creations and art is the result of the devotion to these four core principles.

Hattie's Creative Arts Process

Throughout history, many famous artists have used craftsmen and other artists as assistants. Similarly, Hattie Larlham artists have trackers to assist them to carry out their vision.

The first goal of the Hattie's Creative Arts process is to establish a functional communication system between the artist and the tracker. This communication is the cornerstone of the program's core principles. A positive relationship between tracker and artist ensures the success of the four core principles.

Hattie's Creative Arts art project tubes

Trackers strive to present choices impartially. It is imperative that they remain neutral during the creative process to avoid leaving their mark on the project. As such, the trackers become an extension of the artist's tools and supplies.

Utilizing charts and a complex series of yes/no questions, trackers respond to the artist's choices and answers by applying color, form and texture to the work in progress. Trackers, in effect, translate the artist's ideas into a tangible work of art. The resulting art is a vehicle for the artist to:

  • Express themselves creatively
  • Realize their goals
  • Achieve their potential
  • Exhibit their work
  • Communicate to the world

Through these combined experiences and benefits, the artist's quality of life is vastly improved.

Hattie's Creative Arts

Hattie's Creative Arts Sales

Artwork made by artists with developmental disabilities is available for sale, gallery shows and corporate collections.