Services for people with developmental disabilities.

Third-Party Events

Third-party fundraisers are a great way for the public to support Hattie Larlham. A third-party fundraiser is an event that is organized, promoted and hosted by a member of the community or an organization. That person or group then donates the event's proceeds to Hattie Larlham. Hattie Larlham welcomes community support and involvement. Civic groups, churches, businesses, fraternities and sororities can organize a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to Hattie Larlham. The money you raise from your third-party event supports programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities at Hattie Larlham.

Get started planning your event with our Third Party Fundraiser Toolkit.

Set a Goal

It is always a good idea to set a goal for what you would like your third-party fundraiser to accomplish. Maybe it's selling a number of tickets or raising an amount of money. Your event's goal will guide you through the planning process.

Plan a Third-Party Event

Pick a date that works for you and the people you want to invite. Keep in mind, the larger the event you plan, the more time you will need to organize and promote your event. You will also need to secure a location for your third-party event. You will also need to establish your third-party event's budget. A budget will help you control costs and plan accordingly for your fundraiser.

Third-Party Event Ideas

The best part of third-party fundraisers is that people have fun doing them. Since it’s your event, you can plan an activity that fits your lifestyle. Members of the commuity have many types of third-party events, including:

  • Bake sales
  • Fashion shows
  • Networking events and mixers
  • Golf outings
  • Fitness events
  • Sports tournaments
  • Bingo games
  • Concerts

Third-Party Event Review and Approval

If you are interested in organizing your own fundraiser to support Hattie Larlham, you will need to complete and return the third-party fundraising policy agreement. Your third-party event will be reviewed by Hattie Larlham before it is approved.

Third-Party Events and Media

Third-party event organizers are asked not to contact the media. This includes local, regional or national media outlets newspapers, radio and television stations and news websites.

Hattie Larlham Logos and Photos

Once Hattie Larlham reviews and approves your third-party event, you may be granted special permission to use the Hattie Larlham logo on a short-term basis. Photos of children and adults with developmental disabilities served by Hattie Larlham are property and responsibility of Hattie Larlham and may not be used on third-party event promotional material.

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