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Donate your car or truck and support people with disabilities

Vehicle Donation Program

Donate Your Car, Truck or Vehicle to Hattie Larlham

Whether it’s a memorable cross-country road trip, bringing your newborn home from the hospital or driving your child to college, your car or truck is filled with stories. Donate your used vehicle to Hattie Larlham and the next chapter in your vehicle’s story will create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please, do not bring your vehicle to Hattie Larlham.

How to Donate Your Vehicle

Hattie Larlham accepts cars, vans, trucks, boats with a trailer and recreational vehicle donations from anywhere in the country. It's simple and easy. You can either:

  • Fill out the online donation form (you will leave the Hattie Larlham website)
  • Or
  • Call 1-844-3HATTIE (1-844-342-8843)

You’ll be required to provide the vehicle’s year, make, model, condition, vehicle identification number (VIN) and have the title and lien in hand. We will take care of the rest. You will be contacted to arrange a convenient time for free automobile towing. In four to six weeks, you will receive a tax form for your non-cash charitable contribution.

Benefits of Donating Your Vehicle

Donating your used car or truck drives opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ohio.

  • Free towing whether your vehicle is running or not
  • You can donate your automobile from anywhere in the country
  • Eliminate the hassle of repairing, advertising and selling your car
  • Potential IRS tax deduction
  • Proceeds from your vehicle’s auction create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Vehicle Donation Steps

Donating a car or truck to Hattie Larlham is easy. The follow steps will help you plan your vehicle's donation.

  1. You have a car, truck, van, boat with a trailer or recreational vehicle you'd like to donate
  2. Use the online donation form or call 1-844-3HATTIE to start the donation
  3. Arrange a time for the vehicle to be towed at no cost
  4. Please, do not bring your vehicle to Hattie Larlham
  5. The tow driver will collect the vehicle's title and keys
  6. You will receive a towing receipt for the vehicle
  7. Your vehicle is auctioned
  8. You will receive an IRS 1098C form indicating the vehicle's value for tax purposes
  9. Hattie Larlham will use the vehicle's auction funds to create opportunities for people with disabilities
  10. You claim the donation and save money on your taxes

Additional Vehicle Donation Information

Find more information about donating your car or truck to Hattie Larlham. Read the vehicle donation FAQs.

Jennie Dawes

Jennie Dawes

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