Services for people with developmental disabilities.
Hattie's Food Hub is an Akron produce exchange for sustainable agriculture and local produce

Hattie's Food Hub

Hattie’s Food Hub is an innovative Hattie Larlham farm-to-table work training program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It serves a need in the Akron community for access to fresh, local food. Committed to the environment and dedicated to nutrition, Hattie’s Food Hub is Akron's corner market.

Fresh, Local Produce in Akron

Hattie’s Food Hub provides local Ohio farmers and food producers a place to sell the fruits and vegetables they grow directly to Akron families. Hattie’s Food Hub washes, prepares, packages and sells fresh produce grown by Northeast Ohio farmers. Neighborhood families and downtown Akron commuters are encouraged to visit Hattie’s Food Hub on their way home from work and pick up something fresh and healthy for dinner.

Hattie’s Food Hub is part of a sustainable agriculture loop. By growing locally, reducing carbon emissions, recycling and composting, Hattie’s Food Hub seeks to reduce environmental impact and change the way Akron eats for the better.

Hattie's Food Hub at Howe Meadow Farmers' Market

Hattie’s Food Hub will be at the Countryside Farmers' Market at Howe Meadow this summer. This popular farmers' market is in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park off Riverside Road. Visit Hattie's Food Hub this spring and summer for fresh, local fruits and vegetables and delicious food products made by adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Hattie's Food Hub Howe Meadow Farmers' Market Schedule

  • July 22
  • August 5 and 19
  • September 2, 16 and 30
  • October 14 and 28

Community Education

Hattie’s Food Hub features a community education center. Here, Hattie’s Food Hub staff will demonstrate how to cook, can, preserve and prepare the best local produce Northeast Ohio grows.

Learn more about free community cooking classes at Hattie's Food Hub.

Co-Packing and Production

The 4,400 square foot facility includes a retail market and a commercial kitchen for creating value-added goods. Contact Hattie's Food Hub to find out if this solution is right for your business, farm or start-up company.

Join the Hattie's Food Hub Team

Hattie's Food Hub provides work training services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Download the application (PDF).

Zac Rheinberger

Zac Rheinberger

Director of Food Operations


Hattie's Food Hub
395 Douglas Street
Akron, Ohio 44307

Hattie's Food Hub Location

Hattie's Food Hub
395 Douglas Street
Akron, Ohio 44307 (map)

Hattie's Food Hub Hours

Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.