Services for people with developmental disabilities.
Nonprofit jobs and careers.

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The work at Hattie Larlham has tremendous rewards. Aside from the intangible personal rewards, employment at Hattie Larlham offers many benefits. Depending on their employment status, Hattie Larlham employees enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can make a difference in the life of a person with developmental disabilities
  • Career growth and personal development
  • Great team of employees
  • Fun and motivating work environment
  • Excellent employee benefits
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Employee recognition programs and events
  • Competitive pay
  • Shift differential (for designated positions)
  • Variety of employment opportunities
  • Hattie Larlham is unique
  • Hattie Larlham values its employees
  • Continuing education credits
  • Onsite fitness center at the Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities
  • Employee discount programs
Neil Everett

Neil Everett

Vice President, Human Resources


Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities
9772 Diagonal Road
Mantua, Ohio 44255