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Employee Expectations

Hattie Larlham entrusts its employees with a great responsibility—caring for people with developmental disabilities. For that reason, Hattie Larlham has expectations for its applicants and recently hired employees. Below are the qualifications and expectations for all Hattie Larlham employees. Specific requirements may vary by position.

For the safety of the people we serve, all applicants must take a two-step tuberculosis test and participate in a drug screening and criminal background check. Many of the employment opportunities at Hattie Larlham also have additional requirements, including secondary education. Hattie Larlham is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. Anyone interested in working at Hattie Larlham must have:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid driver’s license or state ID
  • Be able to lift between 35 and 60 pounds

Who Hattie Larlham Is Looking For

To foster a work environment of comfort, joy and achievement, Hattie Larllham seeks to hire employees who believe in and whose actions reflect:

  • Compassion, respect and common courteously for all people
  • Honesty, integrity and ethical behavior
  • Teamwork among employees, volunteers, donors and others
  • Competent, motivated and goal-oriented employees
  • Work together for the common good of people with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Commitment to the Northeast Ohio communities in which we live and work

Hattie Larlham Job Expectations

  • Embrace a good work ethic and give 100% on the job
  • Collaboration with coworkers
  • Uphold and respect the rights and well-being of people with developmental disabilities
  • Follow all policies and procedures
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of our services and supports
  • Professional demeanor at all times
  • Respect the rights and views of others, and treat all with fairness and courtesy
  • Believe and support Hattie Larlham’s mission, vision and values

Prior to Employment, Hattie Larlham Requires

  • Pass a drug screen
  • Pass a criminal background check

Hattie Larlham Requires Job Candidates

  • To have a high school diploma, GED or other necessary degree
  • To have a valid driver's license or state ID
  • To be able to lift between 35 and 65 pounds, depending on position
  • To take a two-step tuberculosis test

Diversity Statement

In recognition of Hattie Larlham’s responsibility to the people who receive services and to its employees, Hattie Larlham reaffirms its commitment to cultural diversity. Hattie Larlham will ensure fair and equitable treatment in its employment practices, volunteer involvement, selection and management of vendors, suppliers and contractors. It will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, religion, military service (active or inactive), veteran status or any other basis protected by state or local laws. Hattie Larlham’s commitment to equal opportunity applies to fair treatment in job recruitment, job placement, job compensation, promotion, job training, transfers, layoffs, termination, education and social and recreation programs.

Hattie Larlham will establish and manage a diversity plan and will actively attract employees and volunteers with skills to help it reach out to diverse segments of the community.

Hattie Larlham is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Hattie Larlham is an equal opportunity employer and shall not take any action in its employment practices that is discriminatory on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, veteran status, military service (active or inactive) or disability in regarding to hiring, compensation, promotion, transfer, lay-off, rehiring, terminations or employment benefits. Employment policies and procedures will be based on essential job-related standards of ability, experience, training, past performance and other relevant factors affecting performance for the position in question.

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Hattie Larlham is committed to maintain a healthy, safe and secure work environment. The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a major contributor to an unsafe work environment. All employees of Hattie Larlham are prohibited from unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, possessing, dispensing or using alcohol and/or drugs in the workplace.

Neil Everett

Neil Everett

Vice President, Human Resources


Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities
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