Services for people with developmental disabilities.
Hattie Larlham health care services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.
Hattie Larlham pediatric ventilator program helps children with respiratory care.

Transitional Ventilator Services

Hattie Larlham’s transitional ventilator program offers ventilator-dependent children and adults with complex respiratory needs the professional medical attention they require in a caring, family-friendly setting. The program began as a pediatric service in 2015 and in January 2018 the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities approved Hattie Larlham as a provider of this service for people over age 22. The transitional ventilator program’s goal is to prepare children and people with respiratory requirements to safely and successfully return home after lengthy and costly hospital stays.

The ventilator program is a cost-effective, quality care alternative to the hospital. Hattie Larlham's hospital-grade oxygen system guarantees a consistent oxygen supply for children people with chronic respiratory needs. To qualify for the transitional ventilator program, a patient must be:

  • Hospitalized for 90 non-consecutive days in an acute-care facility in the past year
  • Stable on a ventilator
  • Eligible for placement at an intermediate care facility (ICF)

Hattie Larlham’s respiratory therapists, nurses and medical staff monitor ventilator patients 24 hours a day. Ventilator program participants interact with Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities residents during their stay. Children can attend school and everyone can participate in therapeutic and recreational activities, including monitored access to a sensory room, indoor swimming pool and outdoor playground. Transitional ventilator program participants receive speech therapy and physical therapy.

When a ventilator-dependent person is ready to return home, Hattie Larlham educates family members how to properly use the ventilator equipment and address medical needs. Families also receive information about community resources.

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