Services for people with developmental disabilities.
Volunteer and support people with disabilities.

Volunteer Programs

Post Card Buddies

Hattie Larlham volunteers can become post card buddies for two or three people with developmental disabilities. Post card buddies send cards to children and adults with developmental disabilities on their birthday and holidays. To become a post card buddy, contact the Hattie Larlham volunteer department. The program encourages volunteers to send post cards to Hattie Larlham when traveling. The volunteer department provides information to personalize and send birthday, holiday and travel post cards to children and adults with developmental disabilities at Hattie Larlham.

Adult Volunteer Program

Volunteering helps people with disabilities

Adult volunteers ages 18 years old and older can volunteer at all Hattie Larlham locations or events. Hattie Larlham adult volunteers may be trained to assist staff in a variety of services, participate in various one-on-one or group activities with people with developmental disabilities or assist with special events.

Adopt-a-Home Volunteer Program

Volunteer in Cleveland and Akron

The opportunities are endless for people and organizations to adopt a Hattie Larlham community home. As an adoptive family or organization, you will be adding to the quality of life in the home as well as building relationships with the residents and Hattie Larlham.

Adopt-a-Home commitments can be for one day of activities or a yearlong schedule of activities and improvements. You can choose to provide much needed household items. While we appreciate the generosity of all Adopt-a-Home families and organizations, please keep in mind that the residents of Hattie Larlham community living homes are adults and contributions to this program should be age-appropriate.

Lauri Molnar

Lauri Molnar

Volunteer Coordinator and Community Liaison


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